That’s the best full form I ever read in my whole life…

Everyone has friends, it’s just a step which is always present in your life… You may stumble on it but remember they always carry you to the destination…

All are mischievous but they love each other as a family.A family which can’t be separated nor broken… 

Friendship is the most valuable gift given by God to us…  It gave us a meaning to live and care about a unknown but a dear friend… Who later becomes a part of our life..

They make us angry, sad, happy and may always tease you…  But during difficult times they are the one who stand with us and help us overcome our every problem without any hesitation…

True friends never leave each other and even without contact they always remain in each others hearts… Such friendship never dies and the fragment of love of friendship always keeps spreading… 

Some friends are poor some are rich, some have ego while some have patience but do you really think that these reasons come in between friendship… Never do they come in a strong friendship .

A recent quote I read was:-

A strong friendship never requires constant conversations or togetherness.. As long as the friendship lives in hearts true friends never part….

Dream Within

Harshvardhan Patil.


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